is a class A IP address and used as a default gateway for most of the routers. This IP is also used in the local area network but it should be unique. The IP address should be unique it can’t be the same IP address for more than one network.

Other than Ip address there are some other IP addresses that default IP addresses for most of the routers. The IPS like, and

Whats is Used?

Every wireless access point that connects to the internet has a local side if they are used IP address. The IP address helps to join the Local area network (LAN) on any computer. When your IP address of router appears in TCP/IP network gateway settings but you can also check it to the ping utility.

How to setup IP router?

Setting up any router is easy and you can also do it with your own. Just follow some of the steps than I am going to write below.

1. Check if your router is connected to your browser and it On. You also check the led of the router to check whether it is on or not.
2. Make sure your router is connected to your laptop or computer. We recommend using a wire connection and laptop or computer to login to your router.
3. Open any browser in your Laptop. You can access Google or Firefox.
4. Write in your browser address and press enter. This will redirect you to the login page of your admin panel.
5. Enter the username and password to the respective field. Check your default router username and password here.
7. Select the Network from the Menu section.
7. The DNS provided by google is and for the network.

If you changed the router password and forgot it then check out how can you reset your router below.

How to reset your router?

Resting your router is an easy job you can just do it within a few clicks. You can reset your router if you forget the login credentials or even if it not working properly.

Well if you forgot the username and password of your router and never changed it before then you can use the default login credentials from above.

If you forget your router and want to login to your router to change something then you need to reset your router. You have to press the reset button present at the back of your router. The button would be inside a small hole to prevent unwanted pressing. You need to press the reset button for around 5-10 seconds with a pointed object. The indicator light will blink while you pressed the indicator button. Hold the router button until the lights stooped blinking.

After a clean reset, you can login into your router with the default credentials.

Don’t Confuse between & 10.0.0.l

People always type the uncorrected version and often confused. You just have to write the correct IP which is All the other variants like 10.0.0.l & & 10.0.0.L are just are not the correct version of the IP.