is one of the most used IP addresses used by many big router brands to access their admin panel. It is considered as the last router IP for accessing this feature starting from The excessive IP from this is used for data transfer from all the computers in a connected network.

Some of the router brands that are using are Linksys Alcatel Modems, Westell DSL Modems, 3Com Routers/3Com Modems, Billion Routers/Billion Modems and more.

There is also some other IP address that is used for routers are,, and All of these are the most used IP addresses for touters.

Default Username and Password for IP

The username and password of this are mainly depending on their outer brands. Router brands follow their own login credentials. Well, we have created a list of usernames and password lists including IP and router brands. You can check our your login credentials here.

You can also check it manually using CMD or just see the white slip on the back of your router where the login credential has been written.

If you somehow change your password and later on forgot it then you need to reset your router. Check out how you can reset your router from below.

How to login to IP?

You can just follow some easy steps to login to your IP IP admin section. This will, later on, help you in access the advanced features. To login follow these steps.

1. Make sure your router is On and connected to your device.
2. Make sure you have connected it with ethernet and used a laptop or computer over mobile.
3. Open any of your browsers and type the IP address.
4. The admin login window will appear on your screen.
5. Enter the login credentials of your router mainly username and password is admin.
6. Congrats you have been accessing the router admin panel.

Common Typing Mistakes

Some people might confuse with 192.168.l.254 or with 192.168.L.254. But this is clearly not the case you just have to type the exact IP to access the admin panel of your router.

These mistakes should be avoided and also take precautions while typing the login credentials.

How to reset your router using IP?

If you visit the router login panel first and don’t know the credentials then check ut above the login credentials of all the routers are mentioned.

It just takes a few clicks and few seconds to reset your router completely. You can reset your router if it is now working properly or if you might forget the username and password of your router.

If you just forgot your router password or username that you have changed before then you don’t have any option left except resetting your router. For resetting it you have first located the reset button of your router. Mainly it would be on the back of the router inside a small hall. You have to press it for almost 5-10 seconds with a pointed object.

Once the router has a clear reset you can use the default router credentials to login to it.

Post Summary

We have clearly mentioned all the details about the admin IP address. You can now login to it by following our guide using the mentioned credentials. You can still can’t figure out something or have some doubts that can ping us.