Having trouble while login in with ip? Here we have shared a complete guide for access your router with your Ip address. We have shared the default username and password of all the routers below down.

While is the primary IP for accessing many routers but there still some router IP that was used to access other admin sections. Some of the other majorly used ip addresses are 192.168.01, and You can use any of these IP if you can’t able to use IP address.?

Find out your IP address and default username and password so that you can log in with ease. We have shared the IP address, username, and password data below.

What is is your router admin ip by which you can access you router admin panel and use some advanced features. Some of the people might get confused between 192.168.l.l with and they get into search results rather than the admin login.

You can easily just go on the address tab and enter and enter the login credentials and then login to your router. If you can’t access IP then check the back of the router to get your admin login IP.

Username & Password of

If you confirm that your router is using the IP address then you need to have the username and password to login. If you enter your Ip in your address bar it asks for these login credentials. We have shared a complete list of routers with their IP address below.

While in most of the cases the username of is Admin and password is also admin. If it still didn’t work check the back of your router and there is a white clip where the login credentials are been written.

Router Name IP Address Username Password
Netgear admin password
admin admin/password
admin admin
Lynksys admin admin
Cisco admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
None admin
Billion admin admin
tech tech
BenQ admin admin
Digicom admin password
Sitecom sitecom admin
Thomson User User
US Robotics admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Airlive admin admin
admin admin
Apple admin admin
Amped Wireless admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
SMC Networks
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
U.S Robotics
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Check Router Check Router

If you already changed your password then you have to reset your router and login in it with the router’s default username and password.

After you login to your router, you can just dig the other option to be familiar with your router setting and function. While most of the router important options are LAN, WAN, DHCP, WLAN settings, DSL, Proxy, Security Options, and Parental control.

How to Login to

If you want to login to your router then you have to follow these easy steps. You will get some advanced features only if you login to your router.

1. Check if you are router is connected to your computer or laptop. We recommend using your computer or laptop to login to routers.
2. Make sure your router is on by checking it’s indication light.
3. Open any browser in your device like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
4. Type the IP in the address bar of your router and press enter.
5. Write the correct username and password to the respective fields.
6. Congrats you have now entered your router admin panel.

What if you Forgot Router Username and Password

People usually forget their password a lot I count in them too. But if you forgot your router password then there is no passing by you have to reset it.

If you are a new user and check the default router username and password form above and login to your router by following easy steps.

If you forgot your changed password then reset your router by press the reset button on your router. You can locate the reset button on the back of the router it is a bit deep though. You need to press for 5-10 seconds with a pointed object. Check the indication light if it starts blinking then you can relief.

After a successful reset try to login to your router with the default username and password.

What if I still can’t login in

If you still can’t login using admin IP in your router then follow the steps given below.
1. Check whether your router is connected and have power on.
2. Make sure your router is power on by look at its indicator light.
3. Make Sure if you entered the correct IP address for your routers.
4. Check if you entered the correct username and password for your router.
5. If the problems can’t be solved reset the router and then login with the default username and password.
6. Call the router manufacturer if you are doing everything right.

Post Summary

We have shared all the details about IP address. We have shared the login process of the and the router default username and password here. All the queries have been answered in detailed. If you still have any questions regarding anything about this IP or your router you can contact us. We are happy to help.